The Lizard King of the Pet Blog’s rules for comments

These are the “rules” for comments on my blog—It is my blog and on here, I am the Lizard King and can do anything (apologies to VG and JM). . .

Syntax and grammar will not be edited unless necessary for comprehension and when done will be within brackets to indicate the changes are mine (usually not an issue)

Word choices: The big ones are these: While I can and will say the words “God” and “damn,” I cannot tolerate them together as an epithet. The other words completely outlawed on my site are the “N” word and the most versatile word in English, beginning with “f.” Outside of these, it is usage. For example, “bitch” referring female dog is fine, but to refer to a human is not generally. The solution here will be to edit out the offending word(s) with **** and allow it to go.

Attacks on another commenter will not make the cut. Attack ideas all you want; attacks on the person I will not approve. For example, I will not generally approve comments that call someone “Un-American” or “damned.” “Liberal,” I will allow, even though to many, this is the same as Un-American and damned. These I will not allow except as an embed in a comment from me—that is, I will not approve the comment, but paste it in a comment from me and give attribution. The reasoning for this is that once a commenter is approved, later comments are automatically posted, and one who enters into this type of name-calling will not get that type of access here.

I am more lenient with attacks on me.

That’s really it, except that since I am the Lizard King here, well, if you play nice and by these rules, I will allow and do encourage divergent ideas. That is how I learn and my mind is capable of change.

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