Speak out against the Senate Health Care Bill

health care gnomes


This is the letter I sent to Senator Inhoffe. Use what you want for your letter, or write your own.

If you use my words, I would suggest leaving off the snarky last three paragraphs. I did not include them in my letter to Senator Lankford because, even though he seems intransigent, he does respond.


Dear Senator_____________:

Your party has complained for seven years that Obama “rammed” the ACA “down the throats” of America. While I disagree because of the debate and amendments made by Republicans to it, please do not do the same Thing this time.  To me,it seems President Trump is doing it solely because he wants to erase as much of President Obama’s legacy as he can and for no other reason.


Please do not let any health care law pass until your party has sat down with the Democrats and fashioned a bill that corrects the problems with the ACA without damning millions to a life where they cannot afford to purchase health care. Senator Cruz has an interesting idea that I wish you would discuss with Senators from both parties.


I have written to my congressmen and senators dozens of times, and to your office several.  To date, you are the only one who has not responded to any of my correspondence.  I guess this means you just don’t care about the wishes of your constituents.


But, like Sisyphus, I will continue rolling the boulder of my concerns to the top of the hill on which you have enshrined yourself every time you disdainfully roll it back down. I have no choice. In spite of your lack of concern, I must still speak.


Your comment the last time the BCRA was slinking its way through the Senate, you said ,“I’m not sure what it does. I just know it’s better than Obamacare.” This is appalling in its hubris.  But maybe not, your pride and self-assuredness may be well earned since you have continued to speak foolishly and acted against the desires of many of your constituents for years and continue to be elected.

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