Education and voting patterns 2016 update

I updated the education/voting patterns I first did after the 2008 election for the results of the 2016 . . . Election.


The summary is as follows:

 2015 Pct with College Degree  2015 Median Family Income Voted Democrat    7 Presidential Elections Number of States Always Democrat through Obama Always Democrat States Snagged by Trump
Top Quarter (13) 37%           67,015 91% 10 0
2nd Quarter (13) 31%           58,814 55% 7 1
3rd Quarter (13) 28%           51,797 36% 2 2
4th Quarter (12) 24%           47,301 2% 0 NA



There were no surprises.  We know that Hillary Clinton lost the election because of Pennsylvania (in the second quartile), Wisconsin and Michigan (in the third quartile)—all “safe” Democratic states—flipped for Trump. The explanation that she did not campaign there enough  is probably a little simplistic, but undoubtedly a factor.

Of the top 2- states with the highest percentage of college degrees (counting Washington D. C. as a state for this purpose), 16 are solidly Democratic. Utah and Kansas, both in the top 20 of college-educated citizenry, are solidly red.  Utah may be the effect of Mormons and a very conservative vote. Kansas, well Kansas is the subject of a lot of speculation—indeed books have been written to try to understand the politics there. Virginia and Colorado flip back and forth—there is a long history of this.

Again, I make no claim to be able to analyze this data completely.  It is just interesting to me. I welcome any comments or thoughts.


The full set of data is here:



2016 vote education data


The source of the education and income data is here:

The original post is here:







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