Comey’s Pink Slip

Around 30 years ago, we had the unfortunate job of closing a business that provided clerical staffing to companies on short and long term contracts. This meant firing literally thousands of people in a week. We felt it important to do it face-to-face with each employee.  The toll on our staff doing this was incredible.

One guy decided to be cute, and for the people on his list, printed up terminations on pink paper because he thought it would be funny to hand pink slips to people. This guy didn’t last long.

Last night, Trump executed a grand display of stagecraft by firing the Director of the FBI on television without him or the bureau knowing beforehand. I am sure he thought it funny and a ratings bonanza.  It was not funny, but it did create a stir.

Rachel Maddow wondered last night about how many people Trump would have to fire before anyone in the federal government is afraid to speak out, drying up the investigations into his corrupt and illegal activities stretching back decades. What do we then do? Even Nixon was finally held accountable.

Trump flaunts his criminality—violation of the emoluments clause, nepotism, and laughs at the country, claiming over and over again that he is “doing pretty well” because he is President. And nothing else matters.He lies without thought or feeling.  And, he fires anyone who gets in his way.

In his world, the only person who is real is Donald Trump.  The AHCA is a prime example.  He does not care who gets hurt or dies—and this is the way he has operated during his entire real estate career— so long as he gets a win. He is a sociopath.

He needs to go. While we still have any memory of what we once stood for.


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