Someone called me a “coolaid drinking commie snowflake” today

the donald

Initially—and beside the point—, I thought “coolaid” was spelled “Kool-aid.” Makes me wonder if the name-caller understands the reference.

When one political side starts using the same word, in this case, “snowflake,” I sense a herd mentality. You use it?  Did you come up with it yourself? If so, congratulations. If not, thank the propaganda machine on the conservative medium to which you subscribe.

The country was not “taken back” with the election of Trump.This country is not yours or mine or anyone’s to take back.  It is ours: Christian, Atheist, Muslim, gay, lesbian, straight, black, white, hispanic alike.  Trump stands for the abandoning of most of the values, including equality of all citizens that made the country different—not that we have ever really achieved these, but we have always said we want to. Denying rights to people because you disagree with them or who they are or who they worship or love is unAmerican. Freedom of speech only matters if it protects uncomfortable speech. With all the shameless filthy lies told about Obama, Mr. Trump’s skin had get thicker quickly.

One of the saddest things is that those who voted for Trump because they want to get rid of Obamacare are the very ones who will be hurt the most by its repeal.  They say the premiums and deductibles are too high.  I agree. But the answer is not to take 20 million off the insurance rolls.  Two problems: one, their deductible will then be unlimited (except they won’t pay and place the burden on the rest of us who do), and two, at least now they are paying something, which used to be an American ideal.

This is not the first time populism has taken over the country.  It is a nasty strain that is always there, like herpes lying dormant in the system, erupting from time to time and causing pain.

The election of Trump by a minority of voters—which has happened a few times and is a result created with the electoral college (which I generally support)—was due to anger by those who have lost in the last thirty years dominated by horse and sparrow economics (which has never worked as the Republicans claim), due to fear that the country is changing and becoming different (it is–in 1960, the country was 85% white, now just a nose above 50%), and just a general hatred of “Liberals,” which, to their credit, the right-wing noise machine has turned from the high ideals of our Founders into a dirty word.

Christianity is losing its priority position in culture (not being persecuted, but starting to be treated like all others). Giving people the right to not serve others because the other does not believe as they do or because they are not heterosexual is not protection of religious freedom, it is discrimination in the name of God, something that has been going on a very long time. It has always been wrong, now the wrong is being celebrated again. Giving a marriage license to a gay couple is no different than giving one to a racially mixed couple in the 1950s.  Not making a cake for a gay wedding is no different than excluding blacks from lunch counters. And no, God is not going to punish the country for respecting the rights of people.  If that was the way God acted, the country would have been destroyed due to slavery before Patriots dumped tea into Boston Harbor. For those of you who cite Sodom and Gomorrah as proof God destroys places that make gays welcome—those cities were destroyed because they were inhospitable to foreigners (read the Bible fully, not just what they shout over the pulpits out of fear and hate).

Fear is a powerful tool, when used with emotion by the Leader, it can stir things up.

But, I think Trump was elected more due to celebrity than anything else—celebrity and bombast. He is loud and abrasive, he used lies and name calling to disparage his opponents. You have seen his character many times in movies: the self-satisfied, conceited rich guy who,because he is rich, believes he is better than everyone else.  In the final reel (old school language), the uppity rich guy gets set into place and everyone feels good.

A lot, but not all, of Trump supporters sound like the toadies behind the bully: the bully gives them a voice and enables them to say and do things they always wanted to but were afraid to say and do—afraid because of being shamed or punished.  Their bully gives them cover and so long as they do not cross their bully, protection. With Trump, he has given pure racists the belief that they can now crawl out from under their rocks and start acting out.

People say the adults won and those who are appalled by Trump are commie snowflakes. The word “commie” has been used for decades at least to demean anyone who stands for civil rights, who speaks out against injustice.  This country was founded on a radical liberal idea: that all are created equal and endowed with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  While not law, the Declaration is the soul of the country, the ideal for which we reach—but try as we might, and we have over the years often tried—and it does not limit those rights to Christians, to heterosexuals, or even Americans: these rights were granted to all people by the Creator and for anyone who for any reason tries to deny them, they are abandoning the spirit of the country, and if they do it in the name of religion, are denying Christ.

We try to achieve the ideals Jefferson wrote down for us.  We try, and we fail.  It is like the man who, one fine winter day was walking to the Supreme Court and slipped on some ice on the where shadows from the building have kept it too cold to melt. But we keep trying, no matter the failures, no matter the Alien and Sedition Acts, no matter the appalling internment of Japanese Americans during WWII, no matter the Red Scare and McCartheyism (which gave rise to Nixon), and no matter the election of Trump, we will still try, we will still work towards the elusive ideal.

In the end, progressives always win.  Always.  Over the arc of history, things always improve.  It’s the difference in climate and weather. Climate slowly changes.  Wild hurricanes, blizzards and floods happen, as do beautiful sun-kissed days. The change that began in Rome for its citizens, with Christ for Western Civilization, and continued with the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence, will continue.  Yes, there will be storms periodically, like Trump, but the tide will not be changed. We will go forward towards the ideals of the country, towards a better humanity.

No, I do not want Trump to fail.  Unlike the traitorous elected Republicans during Obama’s tenure, we need him to do good things. Unlike many who prayed for Obama to die, I will pray for Trump to understand what Jefferson and his brethren believed and work for that. I do not hold out much hope, but I can pray for it.

In some ways, Trump won because of childishness: far too many Sanders supporters did not vote because they believed that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from him. Would things have been different if they had done the adult thing and, holding their nose, gone to the polls and voted against Trump? I was a Bernie supporter and did vote.

Trump has said if the thing had been a popular vote, he would have campaigned differently and won anyway.  Maybe.  Thing is, we will never know. But, as it is, he lost the popular vote by darn near 3 million votes, which is unprecedented, and while is will be our President, he does not have a mandate.

When you call me a commie snowflake, please understand that I am a CPA and own large parts of several businesses, including an oil field services company.  Also, when you do call me a commie snowflake, please provide some evidence of what I have said that makes me a commie and please, indicate how I am hiding in safe places and am unable to deal with opinions different from my own. When you call me names, you are being juvenile.  Make a coherent case against my position.  Unlike many, I can change my positions based on rational dialogue.  I used to be a conservative.  I changed because the conservatives went off the rails in the 1980s and I could no longer be one while trying to adhere to the precepts taught by Christ.

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