Ten biggest Conservative Lies … I MEAN FACTS (2015 version)

jesus constitution

  1. Obama is Kenyan Muslim whose goal it is to destroy the country as it has been known, cancel all elections and set himself up as dictator for life, confiscate all guns, and make Christianity illegal.
  2. Climate change and evolution are massive hoaxes created by a collaboration of all scientists in the world designed to destroy the free-market system and further their careers by receiving grants to perpetuate the hoax.
  3. The Bible is a history and science textbook and should be used to evaluate all human findings in science, math and history; and was the document upon which our Constitution was based (if it was not actually written by God Himself).
  4. While America is, without question, the most exceptional country in the world, and this cannot be questioned, the only thing we can trust the government to do is operate the largest military in the world.
  5. Liberals are immoral, filthy, socialistic communistic devil-worshipers, whose primary missions are to make sure all fetuses are killed in-vitro, to destroy the American way of life, to take money from good-hard working Americans and give it to lazy, shiftless moochers, minorities, welfare queens, bums, and immigrants, and require good, hard-working Americans to learn Spanish to make illegal immigrants feel welcome while they get free health care, phones, food and the right to vote.
  6. Gay people have an agenda and could choose not to be gay if that served their agenda.
  7. Public Schools are designed to teach Anti-American values, and render our children incapable of doing anything other than being shiftless moochers on society.
  8. Joe McCarthy was right: there are millions of dirty communists infiltrating the government of the United States, whose goal, as set by the Liberal Elites, including George Soros, is to render the government ineffective, thereby assisting their Messiah, Barack Obama, take over the county and establish his Satanic rule.

9 Racism has never been a serious problem in the country, and blacks should be thankful their ancestors were enslaved and brought to the country because of the good it did for them—and, by the way, it was blacks who enslaved their own people.  Whites had nothing to do with it.

10 There is no problem so large that cannot be fixed by reducing taxes on the job creators and requiring government to do less.

The picture is, of course, the fine art to be found here: http://jonmcnaughton.com/content/ZoomDetailPages/OneNationUnderGod.html

(Forced to give the link because, regardless of what I think of the painting, it is the creative work of another individual.

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