In the end progressives always win out over conservatives. Always

Progressives, no matter how much we might complain, always will win out over conservatives. It might take days or decades, but in the end, they win. Always have.

This is not because progressives are better, just realistic. The mores of society change; the components of society itself change. Many of the changes are good; others, we can debate. But the rule is absolute: Innocence, once stripped away, can never be returned.

There are two basic ways to react to change: 1) accept and work with the change; or 2) fight it. Either way, things will be different in the future, are different than they have been.

We might lament the changes, seek to return to the golden days of society where, we imagine, everyone believed as we did, where families were stronger, where everyone believed in God and country, where morality was certain. But this is only chasing shadows, and shadows are not the substance of time passed by, and shadows often hide more than they reveal anyway.

Well, there is a third possible reaction (there always is): Sit on the sidelines and make fun of all those who have accepted change, call them traitors, cowards, atheists, un-American, or, worst of all, liberals. But in the end, this course will have no effect and those who adopt it will, like the rest of us, eventually adapt to the new world awaiting us.

We all, eventually and perhaps even grudgingly, accept change.


As published in the Tulsa World (See here for comments)

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