Under the Dome – a few thoughts

domeWhen the mini-series started, I decided to read the book,which had been sitting in the queue for quite some time.  It is an interesting thing to do to read the book while a watching the television producer’s versions play out on a weekly basis.

The initial thing to get used 6to is the time frame difference.  The book takes place over about six day (and 1070 pages, or 178 pages a day).  What seems to go wrong in Chester’s Mill seems to happen really quickly in the weeks it has been portrayed in the miniseries.  In the book, things get much worse much quicker.

I wish I had not seen the actors on the screen so I could have formed a mental image of them of my own, but that is what is.

There are some technical differences, such as the permeability of the dome and changes in cast and characters—some killed early on in the book are major characters in the miniseries.

But it all, the story is basically the same: people in an untenable situation doing irredeemably bad things to each other. The book is relentless.  As soon as you think things have to get better, as soon as there is a glimmer of hop on the horizon, yet another tragedy occurs.

The book is classic King and he does some interesting things int he writing, like talking directly to the reader.  The characters in the book are, as typical King, believable and well drawn.

I like the purpose of the dome as set forth int he books, and while this may give some away, it will make you think differently about ants.

The best line int he book is “never give a goods politician time to pray.”

The book is long, but very readable.

I have heard King has been asked to write the new episodes of the series.  It is ill be fun to see where he takes the show.  Will the divergent plot lines resolve the way they do in the book or in some other fashion?


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