I bow to the NRA. When it is right, it is right.

Latest letter to the editor:


I bow to the NRA. When it is right, it is right.

Gun laws do not stop criminal acts. No matter what law we pass, criminals will continue to get guns. They do not obey the law. The laws are ineffective. No doubt about it.

Same with opium. Why restrict the growing of the poppy just because criminals can make opium out of them? They are pretty plants and their illegal status only deprives law-abiding citizens of their rights. It makes no sense: People who want to sell opium will find a way to grow them no matter the laws against them.

And what about Sudafed? So what if criminals make meth out of it – it is wrong to deny the law-abiding public access to something criminals will find access to somehow no matter the legal status. All the restriction does is make law-abiding citizens wary of purchasing it.

And really, what law – in and of itself – prevents a criminal from doing anything? If laws do not prevent bad things from happening, they are ineffective and should not be in place. Speeding? Texting while driving (OK, in Oklahoma, this was decided to not be dangerous by our Legislature, but still)? Theft? Armed robbery? Murder?

No law against any of these prevents the crime, so let’s just get rid of them all. After all, we do not want a nanny state.

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