If they Elephants cannot control their factions, they will cease to be regardless of what Obama does or doesn’t do.


McConnell is the new enemy of the Tea Party. . . . . . . .

I do not know the political persuasion of David Ignatius, but I understand his plea for Obama not to destroy Rubio in the debate over Immigration Reform, at least in a philosophical sense, I understand it.

I just got back from lunch and running errands, which took about 75 minutes.  Every time I got in the car, there was Rush Limbaugh spouting off about the story, about how all Obama knows how to do is destroy people; according to Limbaugh, Obama destroyed Romney.

Had Limbaugh not been so tragically and intentionally blind about this, it would have been funny. Limbaugh wanting Obama not to destroy a Republican is like the bully who pelts every kid with snowballs during recess and goes crying to the teacher when someone nails him with one.

The Republicans have been on a six-plus year attempt to destroy Obama, whom they have called a Kenyan, Anti-American, Freedom Hating Marxist whose singly priority is to assure the total destruction of the United States.

It was just humorous, but really, Obama should work with Rubio if he wants Rubio to be destroyed. The Republicans will do it for him if Rubio works with him.

Ask Richard Lugar, Robert Bennett, Lisa Murkowskim, about the self-feeding of the Tea-Party wing of the Republican Party

Lugar lost because he voted for Obama nominees and actually reached across the aisle.

And now Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority leader, infamous for his assertion that for Republicans,  the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” is now a target of the Tea Party , and will face a Tea Party candidate in a primary,

Remember, it was Tea Party primary wins in 2010 helped Democrats’ win three U.S. Senate seats they were favored to lose.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won reelection, as did Colorado’s appointed Sen. Michael Bennet and Delaware’s Democratic nominee Chris Coons.

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