Surprise, surprise, Oklahoma rejects Obamacare—well, not all that surprising

I wonder about a lot of things; sometimes I even think I know what I believe about a few of the things I wonder about.

Yesterday, our blonde Gov said she would stop Obamacare at the state line. In doing so, she took two actions. The first, I can comprehend, even though I loathe it, the second. . . .? If Oklahoma was the paragon of health services in the country, then maybe, but, we are not.  We hold up the rear of the line, just ahead of Louisiana and Mississippi.  There is a cool site to muck around on regarding health care statistics found here.

The first action was to stop the expansion of Medicaid. What this means is that People with income between 138 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level would have been able to purchase health insurance through the “exchanges.” I guess the word “exchange scared her, but all it is is a fancy name for private health insurance that can be purchased over the Internet. Why she opposed this, I will never know. But, had she allowed it in our state, then a family of four with an annual income of $31,809 would have paid $77 per month for a policy that costs $1,000 per month. Maybe this is not much, but it is more than they are paying now. Estimates are it would have added 200,000 to the insured roles in Oklahoma. 

If the typical family is 3 people, then—carry the one—it would have brought in about $62 million a year into the state’s health insurance pool of money. She says it would cost the state $475 million by 2020 to implement it.  Lessee: $67 million per year divided by 200,000 is $335 per year per person if the only people it helped were the 200,000 of poor people who would then have insurance. I guess she is right.  This might reduce a future tax cut.

With income of $92,200 (400 percent of the federal poverty level), the family will pay $730 per month for the policy. Now this is just a thing of access. The cost is about the same, but again, why did she do it? Eventually, the feds will come in and set up the thing anyway, so I don’t get it. It would seem to me that by being so stubborn, she has given u control of the thing to the feds.

Of course, the Deep South rejects Obamacare, and of the 16 that are refusing to set up the exchanges, 12 are from the states with the lowest percentage of people with college degrees, but Virginia has also rejected the plan, so go figure.

Ok, well, yeah—she is fighting the socialist takeover of the country by the Marxist in the oval office. Thing is, this country loves socialism when it benefits us personally.  It is when it benefits the other, the lazy, the moochers that we object, which leads to the classic Craig T. Nelson line during a May 28, 2009 interview on the Glenn Beck Program,when he stated “I’ve been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No. No.”

You see, there used to be what was called a social contract: if you did well, if your reapings were great in this country of plenty, there was an obligation to help others, to pay back a little of what you got. This did not mean you did not “build it” yourself, but rather, was an acknowledgement that you were able to build it because of the things done to help you, beginning with the secure foundation provided by our military and all the infrastructure that enabled you to build it.

This contract has been broken. I have to say that I know that Gordon Gecko was a fictional character because whenever I use him for an example, someone will flail at the analogy by asserting he was not real, and they are right, but I have been in the business world a long time and believe me, there are real Gordon Gecko’s out there. And his mantra that “Greed is good” has infected a very large sentiment of our society and a huge minority of our churches.

This is plainly observed by one of my friends who was something of a thing in Pentecostal circles when he says: God ain’t poor no more.”  Maybe not, but I think he still wants us to leave things—gleanings—for the poor because, as I remember, they will always be with us and what we do to the least of them, we have done to Jesus Himself.

Mary Fallin has two years left on her term.  Maybe she won’t be re-elected.

The cartoon is from the Tulsa World.

4 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise, Oklahoma rejects Obamacare—well, not all that surprising

  1. Oh seriously, she will be in office 4 more years after that. Chesapeake and Devon purchased that seat for her and they have no intentions of giving her up. YOu know, I work in Medicaid on the administrative end of it and I don’t know HOW she got those numbers. Currently, we have a 68/32 match for Medicaid funding – it it determined every couple of years based on the economy of the state. So, if the Feds pay 68 and we pay 32, how was our number HIGHER than the feds contribution? She is desimating our agency – in fact, my husband who was in top level management there knew he was in line for the “we are going in another direction” speech that ends your career so he resigned. He said that Mattress Mary wasn’t going to determine his life. After 23 years of hard work and complete committment to public service, it was hard to do – but she (through our Interim Agency Director) has let go so many people in the last 2 months, it has become scary. We are no longer an agency about services and the people we serve: We are about counting beans and fooling the taxpayer into thinking it’s a good thing. Oops – sorry, I guess I got on my soapbox for a minute but with $85 million in food stamp benefits coming into this state (that program is 100% federally funded) it is apparent there are more working poor than she would like to admit and she seems to want to “go in a different direction” effectively driving them outside our borders. I have always wondered what Jesus would do – I guess now I know.

    1. I did not know you knew this syuff first hand. . .Mattress Mary?
      If it weren’t so complex to move all family out of the center of the country, to one of the coasts,I would do it in heart beat.

      I think she gets her numbers from the same fantsy world most tea party types get theirs, what Jon STewart calls BS mountain

      THanks for the insight

      1. Ok, yeah, in Tulsa since ’85. I know the stories about Fallin and also Savage and many others in the state. I am sort of connected in Tulsa. But, I do not care who Fallin (or any politician) gets into bed with so long as it is solely sexual. It is the strange bedfellows of politics that bother me. I do like your comments to my posts, please keep reading and commenting

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