OK, so I will just lie down and rest for a minute and everything will be all right.

Take the country back to the way it used to be. By this, they mean the magical 1950’s, when everything was great. At least before those mop heads changed everything in the 1960’s And it was great, if you were a white male. Not so much if you were black or hispanic or asian or another minority, or a woman, or a child, or gay or disabled. Separate but equal facilities that were neither. It was a time of lynchings in the south and everyone looked the other way. Hell, ALabama didn’t integrate its football team until the 1970’s. At that time, wives could not be sexually assaulted by their husbands… the husbands had rights over the woman (this changed in OKlahoma less than 10 years ago). Valium abuse was endemic in suburbia. WOmen could be paid less than men and were because “the man had a family to take care of.” Child and wife abuse were rampant; abortions could be had only in a back alley or with a coat hanger. In fact, all abuse was about the same then as it is now, probably greater then, but it was all swept under a rug.The top comedy was The Honeymooners, where at least once a week, Ralph threatened to hit Alice so hard she would go “to the moon.” It was, truly a different time and place. McCarthy was doing his pink scare thing, and we were scared to death of the bomb.Thank God we have changed. To those who want to go back there, you remember a time that never was, of Leave it to Beaver, of Ozzie and Harriett, the Donna Reed SHow. But it was not real. Those families never existed. Well, maybe some few did, but generally, it was a time when the male dominated everything and women just had to accept it (remember the Elvis song: there you go again, asking where I’ve been—that was the norm, which is why he wrote what he did)But, then, at that time LSD was also legal. . .so maybe they have something?

Even with a Romney win, we will not go back there, too much toothpaste has exited the tube and it cannot be all put back in. Funny thing about progress. We can change, but we will never be as we were. On the whole, we are both better and worse than we then were, but in different areas. On the whole, I prefer the real now vs the real then. If I could choose the imaginary then, then, well, maybe

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