Cloud Atlas: a review

I wish I had read the book.  MIght have made the first 20 minutes or so more understandable.  WhatI got out of it was somewhat Richard Bach’s Illusions: multiple lives lived by friends with some genetic residual bonding that brings all together.

The movie tried, it really did.  The acting was great, but the meaning, I think, was not well done, at least not as well done as the Richard Bach movies from the 1970’s/  Jonathon toe socks anyone?

It is not boring.  The story telling is goos if disjointed.

You will either hate it or love it and either way, it may confuse.

IS it worth the price of admission? Yes.


A second viewing? Jury is out.

It was not a waste of my popcorn money, bet, then is did have Susan Saranwrap in it.





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