No, I do not think Romney is a Racist

This rambled a bit more than I wanted it to, but if blogging is like graffiti with punctuation, then., well, I guess I can do this on occasion.

A reader commented on my post about being hard to admit I am wrong as follows (see the post here):

You just bet that there is and if a disgusting, amoral, racist, like Romney wins because people voted color instead of courage and character then this country gets the dire results that they deserve.It would not be pretty! I am holding out faith that at least the majority of people will vote their conscience.

My response is somewhat nuanced and will take a more words than I want in a comment:

I do not believe Romney to be a racist. I do not think there is sufficient competent evidence to sustain this charge.  If I am wrong (again), please provide this to me and I will change my mind.

Some say his church had racist positions. So did the Southern Baptists, and I do not believe Romney is a racist because of his church’s former position any more than I believe Southern Baptists are racist because of their church’s former position.

But Romney had to have agreed with the stance because he was a Bishop and Stake President (akin to a pastor and Bishop, respectively, in the Methodist Church). Yes, he had to have been vetted by Salt Lake to be in these positions and part of that vetting was agreement with the church’s stances. I was in the LDS church at the time of its change in position regarding blacks. I did not sense racism before or after that time. Was the original policy racist? I dunno.  Maybe. ( You kind of have to have been involved there to understand this without a lot of study.) But, if it was, the change in policy in the late 1970’s I think should be the standard now. Maybe I an naive, but I do not think so.

Does this mean that there are not racists who will vote for Romney? No, of course not.   Racists would vote for Big Bird or Andrew Johnson (who is, I think, hands down the worst President in history at least partially because he was an avowed racist) over Obama simply because Obama is black.  This does not make Romney a racist any more than knowing communists makes Obama a Communist.

I think Romney is personally a very good man. I have no doubt he would do just about anything to help people on an individual basis. The anecdotes of him as Bishop ring true and I believe them. So, when he puts his foot in his mouth, as I think he did with the 47% comment, I tend to give him some benefit of the doubt.  I know many others who think this was a freudian slip, revealing the true Romney.  I do not see it, but am willing to me convinced otherwise.  What I see is someone who, like most of us, believes he is normal, that his life has been typical of all people.  We all tend to do that, whether our life has been good or bad. I now know that beating a child is not normal, but when it was happening to me, I tended to associate with those in a similar situation and because of this, believed every child was treated the same way.

I have spent untold hours defending the LDS church as Christian against those who proclaimed that not only was it not Christian, but that the LDS worshipped Satan. It is odd to see this slice of America now support Mitt Romney.

It has been said that if you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart, but that if you are not a conservative when you are older, then you have no brain. When I was young, I was a conservative, now, not so much.  I am pretty  much a middle of the road type of person no matter what anyone says.

There is one thing that really does get under my skin: that is when the right asserts that you cannot be liberal and Christian, as in a question I am asked periodically, “Why do liberals hate Christians?”

So, I do not think Romney is the AntiChrist any more than I think Obama is. I think they are both fairly decent men who genuinely love the country and want what is best for it.  They have different approaches. While not thrilled with Obama’s, I do not like Romney’s ideas.  I also think Romney is not well acquainted with the truth, and this bothers me a great deal.  So what? some say: all politicians lie. Yeah, well, somewhat, I guess. But my truth-o-meter, guided by fact checkers, tells me Romney is less acquainted with the truth than McCain was, and it was said of him that he and Sarah Palin were lying their way into the White House.

I got called by  a pollster last night and in answering the question what was most important to me in this election, I struggled and finally answered, “social Issues.” If this makes me out of touch or naive, then I guess that is so, but it is who I am. I am going to vote based upon my Christian beliefs and right now, it looks like Obama will get my vote based on them.

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