Hog Island Oyster Company

A short hour and a half north of San Francisco on Hwy 1, you will find the Hog Island Oyster Company.

Their stated hours are 8 AM to 5PM.  But they quit sevring the oysters to eat on site at some point  after 4.  So be warned—the guy behind the counter when we got there in line before the unannounced cut-off time could not be budged.   And we had to go back the next day, and while this could have soured the whoe thing for me, the oytsers are just that good.

The guys we had were out of the water about 15 minutes. The service is pretty basic: ice on tray and unshucked oysters on the ice.  They show you how to shuck them and get you a table. The serve a few adult beverages, but nothing is fancy.  This is a working farm that supplies alot of Northern California. Even for a novice, I only had troubble with a couple of shells. And if you have never eaten oysters this way and this fresh, then really, you have not eaten oysters.

Go.  Eat.  And experience oysters the way God intended them

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