Foxxed News: Fair or Balanced?

The claim of Fox News is that they are “Fair and Balanced” and they “prove” this by showing “the other side” of everything.

If the consensus of the scientific community believes global warming is real, then respond by finding some scientist (or if not possible, someone who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express the previous night) to say it in a fiction.

If most people believe the assault-weapon ban should be reinstated, find a retired police officer to say he feels safer if every citizen is carrying an AK47 or an AR 15 or a street-sweeper.

If the majority of people like all aspects of the Affordable Care Act—and they do, even Republicans, when dealing with the specifics—find a Grover to say that embedded in the bill is a way to pay for it: a tax and since all taxes are evil, it must be killed.

A Parade changes from a “Parade of Lights” to a “Holiday” parade and they will find someone to assert that godless liberals have taken Christ out of Christmas because the name was changed to “Holiday Parade,” ignoring the fact it was never called a Christmas Parade to begin with.

I could go on and on, but the point is there.

Here’s the thing: not every story, not every event has another side, or at least another side that does not require wearing tin foil hats to believe it.

When we can see the ice caps melting and glaciers receding and the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro, you would have to have not only a tin foil hat, but blinders and noise suppression ear pieces on to not at least wonder what is going on. But Foxed News will find that person, remove the tin foil and blinders and ear pieces and dress them up and put them on Fox and Friends and let them talk.

Journalism used to have at least some semblance of standards. If you said someone was, say the former Governor of a small southern state, usually some fact checking ensued to make sure the person had actually been the governor.

But, Foxy Friends, perpetuating a non-existent war of Christmas runs with this: a school in central Florida had banned the “traditional Christmas colors” red and green from classrooms. In a statement to Media Matters, the school’s district spokesperson, Regina Klares, has denied this, stating, “There is not a ban on the colors red and green at Heathrow Elementary.”

So, they show the other side, even if the other side is fictional, or if they can conceive of a way to find another side without regard to the amount of tin foil involved.

Sometimes there is no other rational side and in presenting something in the name of “Fairness and Balance,” what they are doing is actually unbalancing the apple cart.  Sometimes fairness requires no opposing story and fabrication of one to play to their audience is just plain old fashioned pandering. I actually heard Gretchen Carlson say that she has a great job because sometimes they get to make things up. ( I cannot find a clip of this anywhere, but I did in fact hear it with my own two ears without tin foil or anything.) But she does look good.

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