Who was the worst President of all time?






The voting choices were selected from 17 surveys done from 1948 to 2011.  Those included for voting had multiple last quartile finishes in the surveys.  If you do not see your guy on the list, vote for him in a comment.  Clinton had no last quartile ranking and is not included.  Obama had none either, but the jury is still out on him, as it is on George W. Bush, who is listed because of several bottom quartile rankings.

I am very curious about the results.  So, please vote

2 thoughts on “Who was the worst President of all time?

  1. Grant really gets a raw deal from History. He had no part in the scandals during his terms. He worked very hard to protect the rights of the former slaves. Warren G Harding was probably the second worst. He was not qualified and at least he knew it and I don’t believe he was a participant in the scandals of his administration. James Buchanan was the worst by far as he did nothing to avert the coming civil war and left Lincoln with the worst mess with which was ever handed to a president. The first one should be Tyler not John Taylor. To get a more accurate account of him, read Profiles in Courage by President John F Kennedy.

    1. will fix the typo. (I caonnot find out how to fix typo without erasing and reinstating the whole thing. Dang it) Thank you for your insight on the others. I had always though it to be Grant until I read a book on reconstruction hisrory

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