The most amazing response to the Boy Scouts Actions.

 I received this in response to my previous post (see it here.): Thank you Rick: Amazing, simply amazing:



As a former Life Scout in the Greater Western Reserve Council’s Troop 99, I find the BSA’s policies regarding the LGBT community to be completely at odds with the goals and ideals it tries to embody. The BSA is supposed to encourage diversity and acceptance. The secret vote and the discrimination it supports goes against nearly everything scouts are supposed to stand for.

It is unTrustworthy – Does it really need to be explained how a secret vote from a secret committee is untrustworthy?
It is unLoyal – The BSA is turning its back on probably thousands of individuals dedicated to its cause and mission.
It is unHelpful – To itself and the people it is discriminating against. If this continues the BSA will destroy itself.
It is unFriendly – Discrimination is always hurtful and never justified.
It is unCourteous – The BSA is being neglectful and disrespectful of the people voicing their opposition to its damaging policies.
It is unKind – It reinforces a terrible fallacy that gay people are unfit to even be part of the BSA simply because of who they are.
It is unObedient – The BSA needs to take responsibility and honor its commitment to ALL its members and volunteers.
It is unCheerful – Hate and discrimination brings happiness to no one.
It is unThrifty – The BSA is squandering the good reputation is has built for the last 100 years.
It is unBrave – If the BSA had the courage it tries to instill in its members, it would discuss its policies openly and stand up for what is right.
It is unClean – This hate will leave a black mark on the BSA that will be difficult to wipe away.
It is unReverent – The description of Reverent in every Scout Handbook for the last 40 years: “…He respects the beliefs of others.”

Rick Bond
Life Scout
Troop 99 GWRC ’96-’03

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