Letter to the Editor: Sun keeps rising

Letter to the editor published today.  I copied some of the online comments to it.  These are not so bad, not like a lot of comments I get, but the dat ain’t over yet,  The odd one is from a “Dr. Strangelove,” who knows I am a CPA and seems to think every position I Support is because it will benefit me personally. HE don;t know me too well.

Published: 7/15/2012  2:21 AM
Last Modified: 7/15/2012  2:50 AM

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act was constitutional, and immediately we heard, “This is the end of America as we know it!”

Well, good.

We’ve heard it before. The Civil Rights Act changed the country for good. We look back and ask why it took so long. Did it not make sense the creator gave the same rights to all? Or did we fear the changes?

We take pride in things fought against because of the changes they would bring: Medicare, occupational health and safety, clean air standards, food quality standards, Social Security, women’s suffrage, the elimination of slavery. All good things, but all came with a price.

Even the revolution was not supported by most. Upsetting of apple carts, I suppose. Trepidation in the face of change is nothing new.

Two things guide me: Ronald Reagan’s vision of morning in America, and Bill Clinton’s view that, “There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled and the sun continues to rise. Someday, we will look back and take pride that everyone has access to health care and wonder why it took so long.

Changes are not easy, because of the unknowns that accompany them, and we make them slowly. But we make them anyway.

Our country will be different in the future and we will continue to dream of a past that never was, and take pride in who we are and what we have done.

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emporiamike (6 hours ago)

Thoughtful Americans are proud of the Supreme Court. A few bitter crusty predominately low-information right-wingers are angry at our Supreme Court.

myopinion (6 hours ago)

Keep telling yourself it just a few. Its a lot more than a few. The Supreme Court put the last nail in Obama’s coffin, he’ll not be re-elected.

johnswof (5 hours ago)

myopinion, It would be interesting to hear why you know so surely that President Obama will not be reelected. Something like the top three reasons you believe this to be true. I ask this because I just can’t see how Mr. Romney is going to beat Obama.Mr. Romney appears to think he can win by simply not being Obama but most are well aware that won’t be enough, especially if the economy is still headed in the right direction as it has been.

Gasp (4 hours ago)

Well a good chance it will NOT be headed in right direction and Mitt wins and with a Republican congress they can have their way with America just like the 20s and after five or six years, things move faster nowadays, we will have another “mini socialist revolution” and throw the bums out after we have the biggest meltdown in our history.Can anyone say Medicare for Everyone…well Retired already says it but if we all vote Republican this year it will happen much much quicker than even “Retired…” thought.

Que (4 hours ago)

Most people are conservative in the sense that they do not want to change the things with which they have grown comfortable. However, we can grow comfortable with things that are not as they should be, but we should try to change when we realize that we are comfortable with things that are intolerable to others.

slowdown (4 hours ago)

Oh my, the sky is falling!!! Narcohoma needs to use less meth and more sense. Important portions of the health care act are already in effect and the country still exists. The “America is doomed” crowd will learn the future is bright and our nation will prosper.

mosey (3 hours ago)

Comparing Obamacare with the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Are you serious? The one thing about America is we can vote people in that will repeal this onerous, economy wrecking monstrosity. Just because it was legally upheld doesnt mean its good legislation. The will of the people will win out in the end, not some self serving bureaucrat.

govchains (3 hours ago)

Because the media is so biased, either liberal or conservative, this decision was one of the most important in our history. But this has been ignored by the media.Roberts effectively wrote the Ferderal Givernment is limited to “the power to lay and collect taxes” for revenue. This simply means, if a law is voted on that increases Federal revenue, it is a TAX INCREASE! Now imagine the political parties concern when nearly every vote an elected representative must vote for a TAX INCREASE.

Read this part of the decision, Roberts words and grammar are clear!

gadfly (3 hours ago)

Mr, Bogle wrote: “The Civil Rights Act changed the country for good” — but Mr. Bogle left out, “except for those who continue to believe that the wrong side won the “War of Northern Aggression.”Without the support of racists — it would no longer be possible for the Republican Party to win a Presidential election.

Without the support of racist Christians — it would not be possible for Republican misogynist homophobes to win a Presidential election.

And without racist anti-birth control fanatics — it would not be possible for Republicans to win a Presidential election.

Great letter — just consider including — these “exceptions” — in the future.

alternative teacher (2 hours ago)

Brice short, sweet and to the point. I love you positive perception. You are right. The Sun will continue to rise; people will begin to understand the positives of the ACA and life will roll on into the next decade and we will be a better nation because if it.

232476 (2 hours ago)

Mr Bogle: I commend you for your position, and support your hope for our future.But you make some statements that are really not supported by reality in this state. Civil Rights, Medicare, occupational health and safety, clean air standards, food quality standards, Social Security, women’s suffrage, the elimination of slavery – these are NOT things most Oklahomans are proud of. Look at our voting record for the last 30 years. Look at what we consider to be government “instrusions” into our lives.

If the majority of Oklahomans were actually proud of the progress America has made we would not keep electing people who promise to find ways to undermine the progress and return us to the past.

Eagle 4 (2 hours ago)

Excellent letter, Brice! The grumblings from the Right predicting the doom of America from a piece of legislation are the same that followed most amendments to the Constitution.
Oklahoma struggles to remain out of 50th place among the States for many reasons but the conservative mindset(Oklahoma values) in all 77 counties couldn’t possibly be the major reason…could it?

Dr. Strangelove (1 hour ago)

And the ACA will create a lot of opportunity for enterprising accountants won’t it Brice?;-)

Bison3 (50 minutes ago)

Great letter Brice!! Just be ready for the truckload of negative stuff you’re going to receive because of it. I am hoping that we elect more moderates (both Republican and Democrat) in the next election so that maybe, just maybe we will have a Congress that will at least attempt to do what’ right by us. Since it will probably not happen, hope that President Obama is re-elected. I’d hate to see what a Romney administration would be like. I for one am not going to wear that “magic underwear”!!!

Skeptiker (44 minutes ago)

I like your letter, Brice, but I’d like to point out that some of us do not believe a “creator” gave us equal rights.In fact, we’d really be screwed if a “creator”, especially the Christian “creator”, were in charge of things in America.

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