How do I get one of these?

So, a partisan committee of the House of Representatives voted to hold the Attorney General, Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.  Amazingly, the vote was along party lines. Hard to figure.

Can the executive branch vote to hold the elephants in congress in conempt?

If there was a real issue — think Nixon and Watergate or Iran Contra — I would expect the partisanship to evaporate.  And actually, Iran-Contra is apt because it did involve the sale of arms illegally to Iran.

What tangled webs we weave when we just won’t keep our noses out of other people’s business, or we puritanically decide that one substance which causes mostly incohenerant rambling and sleep (Mary Jane) and spend billions of dollars futliy waging a “war” on it while allowing others, like alcohol to be free of this craziness.

Here’s the thing with Fast and Furious: if we hadn’t created the whole mess with out inane and puritanical fight over drugs, the sale of guns to the drug cartels would never have happened. But, we cannot think too much on this, or we will find, as did Pogo , that “We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us,” and we do nothing better than deny blame for the messes we get orselves into.

Don’t get me wrong: if Holder lied to Congress or obstructed, he should be held responsible. Like Col. Ollie North was. (Well, I guess he was, but the prison sentence was suspensded. How this guy is an American Hero is beyond me. I have asked many right-wingers to explain this to me and none have been able to. He did illegal things and tried to cover them up.  Ok, maybe he did it in the name of National Security and all, but, if he was truly honorable, he would have done what he did, stood up and told the truth about it and served his prison term. That, I would respect, even though what he did was abjectly wrong.)

Most Americans hold Congress in contempt, so does Holder view this as a Badge of Honor?

Sooner or later, the Obama Administration will need to work this out with Congress, who does have the right to investigate. But if a few donkeys were to join in the elephant chorus, it would mean more because then it would not be simpy politics we have come to know and . . . .well, not love, but. . . .whatever, in this country.

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