How young is too young to have a party at a gun range?

In Lewisville, Texas (a suburb north of Dallas), the Eagle Gun Range will host birthday parties for kids.

“One of the reasons we’re doing this is, when I had my boys, I didn’t have a place to take them and educate them about how to handle a gun safely,” Prince explained. “I really want families to be able to take their kids here and teach their young shooters how to shoot safely.”

Two rooms will be available for birthday parties.

“The age limit is eight years old. You have to be tall enough to get above the shooting table,” Prince said. “They’re not gonna be left unattended. Parents are gonna be one-on-one, or if there’s not enough parents we’ll have range safety officers here to show them how to do it safely.” See the article here.

For those who are going to blast me for being un-American and a hater of guns and liberty, go ahead.  I will allow all comments, but you will not change my mind on this.

I have only TWO points to make:

First, I have no problem with a parent taking his kid out to shoot cans off the fence or even to shoot at a gun range.  But it should be on-on-one with very tight controls. I hope the owner of this to-be-built gun-range thinks this over because when he says “if there’s not enough parents we’ll have range safety officers here to show them how to do it safely,” that is not safe operation or sane operation.

sECOND, anyone who has ever had an eight-year-old boy or been at an eight-year old’s birthday party or a second grade baseball game knows that in the area of self-control, eight-year olds, especially eight-year old boys, have very little.

Now, tell me that taking them to a gun range teaches responsibility and that you would want to supervise a bunch of eight-year old boys at a birthday party with weapons loaded with live ammunition.

Can we not wait until, oh, I don’t know, at least fifth grade to introduce kids to guns? It’s not like we hunt to eat much these days. Please, NRA, give some sane guidance on this.

If you call me a gun-hater because I oppose this unilaterally, ok, fine.  I am a gun hater.

Well, one other point, let’s say that the gun range was in a run-down area of a large city and the people who went there were minorities. . . .would people say that these minority parents are teaching their kids to be gang-bangers? Pot, kettle and all.

11 thoughts on “How young is too young to have a party at a gun range?

  1. OK, This time.. I agree with you. On some points.
    A birthday party? That is insane. And if it is going to happen.. “If there is not enough parents” IS THE MAN INSANE? Each and every child should have to have their own parent present. PERIOD. The end. Now.. that being said.. Texas (as well as other states) is full of people that hunt, yes, we have grocery stores, but, I haven’t purchased meat in 3 years. I am not against introducing 8 year olds to gun safety, these children are going hunting with mom and dad. However, do I think a birthday party is the appropriate place to do that? Not on your life. Are they doing a gun safety class and calling it a birthday party? That would be a different story. A group of friends and their parents learning together.. great idea!

    1. well, you read it. I have no problem with ONE on ONE. Ane I do not think you should teach a group of 8 year olds about guns together. I should be one on one. . . .

      Ok, if you hunt to eat, that is a different issue alltogether. But BIRTDAYparties? I have seen them get out of hand at Put-put golf places with 2nd graders. . .

      Its in your neck of the woods, let me know if he has regained sanity. . .

  2. I love hearing these types of stories, they reinforce confidence in my own parenting abilities. No matter what situation I place my own child in, it can never be as stupid or dangerous as this. I also tend to chalk environmental “accidents” up to natural selection, the apples usually don’t fall too far from the tree. Which actually sounds pretty terrible, until you hear the stories

  3. I think the point you are all missing is that at a gun range, the 8 years olds will not be “running around” with guns. I still do not agree with what this man is doing. But I do think that a group gun safety class is a great idea, what better way to get a kid.. who just wants to go hunt.. and forget the safety part, to actually do the class part? Let his friends come. What you do not understand is that when it comes time to actually fire the weapons.. actually hold the weapons, then they leave the classroom, go to the range and it is one on one. (same with adults and CHL class) The group setting is just the class time, book learning. And all Gun safety courses require actual class time.. not just running out and being handed a gun.

  4. I understand all of your points, but am not buying it. What this guy wants to do is a very bad idea. The fun involved in shooting is secondary to the seriousness of it. Kids together get distracted.

    Many states limit the number of teenagrers in a car when there is a teen driver and a car, while dangerous is not designed specifically to kill.

    Keep trying, but I do not think you will ever get me to think this is a good idea.

    1. Again, I said I don’t agree with what this man is doing.. especially advertising it as a “PARTY”. He is an idiot. There is nothing party like to gun safety. He is making a mockery of it all and he is adding fuel to the fire for people that already have the opinions that so many do.

  5. OK, that is what the article is about. The other issues are other issues. But people who love guns need to speak out againt this kind of stupidity because if we not, then those who hatae guns will colour all with this guys insanity. Like all CHristians get painted by the insanities of the far-right evangelical wackos who seem to hate more than love

    1. You know, a mother was interviewed and had very much your same views.. you left out a VERY IMPORTANT part of this mans interview.. his philosophy. “We truly believe it’s a right and a privilege to shoot and to bear arms,” he said. “But you have a responsibility to know how to do it well. It’s your responsibility to know how to take care of your gun and know how to use it.”
      “Ignorance is not bliss in this situation,” he added. “Until they outlaw guns, people are gonna have access to them and should have access to them. And they need to be educated. Take the mystery out of the guns.” The need for education. He said “We’re gonna do a lot of education here at this range,” he added. As I have said to you time and time again.. it’s not gun control, it is idiot control that is needed. EDUCATION!

  6. I am not ignoring this aspect and I referred to the article containing his statements. But, in hosting gun parties for 8 year olds he invalidates himself to me as a responsible person. Its like saying you love God while ignoring the great commandment to love everyone like yourself. You cannot have it both ways with God and love, just as if you are irresponsible with guns in any way, you cannot be trusted.

    There are better examples to hold up and better educators than someone who thnks he can safely hold a gun party for 8-year olds. This is indefensible.

    Until people who love and use guns responsibly denounce this guy without qualification, he will be the albatross around the neck of gun-lovers. Until this nut drops the parties for good, find another place to get training, find another place to have safety classes. Do not support or defeend him

    It is just bad press

    1. How about watching the mans interview .. this is off of the gun range website, and from the news.. I’m still not defending him, but he makes sense to me, you are upset about kids shooting kids, This mans goal is to teach them the difference between toys and real guns, how to be safe and to respect them as a weapon. The boy scouts have been doing that for years.. and start at age 6

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