Sock Monkey: the absolute must-have business accessory

These guys are the must-have business accessory for every perosn in your life.  They are small enough to fit in a briefcase and attend important meetings and closings.

They help you through frustrating negotiations.  They never argue with you and are always a calming influence.

They also feel good to play with.

Yes, I bought one on the road one time while in the middle of a very tough loan negotiation.  I attribute the success of the negotiations to the monkey.  I told my partner my monkey was going to the closing, and I am not sure he believed me, but when we got in the conference room with the pile of documents and way too many lawyers, I set my case down, opened the top and the little guy popped his head out to watch over the closing.  My partner just shook his head.

The best ones are the ones made by my grandmother, but I don’t think any more are in existence.  She used to make sock monkey babies, which were about 4 inches high, until her arthritis got the best of her hands and she just couldn’t stuff the little arms and legs anymore. She used to make the normal monkey as in the first picture above, and the one I bought looked a whole lot like that but didn’t have the love she put in them.

My little guy now sits on a ledge besid my desk, just waiting to advise me.  Yesterday, I needed his help because for the first time in many years, I actually lost my temper in the office.  I hate that, but the monkey forgave me.

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