Make owning a gun criminal and only criminals will own them

This question is likely to cause some to call me anti gun yet again, but here goes.

The scenario:

John buys a really nice Glock from a registered dealer, takes all the gun safety classes, keeps the gun locked up when he is not using it for target practice and has a great relationship at the range where he enjoys shooting. He takes the concealed carry class and starts to tote the gun with him.

For ten years, he never takes the gun into a church or business where carrying it would be illegal. He is what everyone knows to be a good citizen, doesn’t speed or even jay-walk.  He pays his taxes on time and votes in every election.

The one day, he misses the brake pedal in his car and bumps into the truck ahead of him.  He gets out of his car to check on the people in the other car.  The driver of the other car jumps out, really teed off that John ruined his brand new F-150 and berates John. It is raining, so the cops do will not show up at a non-injury accident. The other guy starts to lose control some, slapping the hood of John’s Chrysler shouting that he will sue John into oblivion, refusing to provide any identification or proof of insurance and begins making demand of John. Get my truck towed here, get me a rental car. If I lose my job because of being late, there’s more for you.

And on and on and on and then something just snaps and John shoots the guy in the foot to shut him up.


1. Is John now a criminal?

2. Was he a criminal before?

3. It is said that when guns are illegal, only criminals will own guns. Which is/was John?

If we could predict who would become a criminal at the time a gun is sold, like in The Minority Report, this would be an easy thing to do.  But we cannot, so we do the best we can.  If we do it right, we do not sell weapons to those with criminal pasts or to those with mental instability (should politicians by the very nature of their profession fit this category?), but no matter what, we cannot know who will become a criminal.

This posting is not advocating no private ownership of guns; it is only a response to the mantra I hear all the time: criminals will always find a way to own a gun.

I do not pretend to have an absolute answer for this issue, but know that the mantra cited is not an answer either.

6 thoughts on “Make owning a gun criminal and only criminals will own them

  1. Johns life was not in danger, deadly force against deadly force.. That was not the case here. More idiot control not more gun control

    1. I agree but that is not the point Kim. John became a criminal, and he had a gun. before that he was not. This is a comment on the saying “we should regulate criminals, not honest people”

      and I am not suggesting anything in this post. . .but as many toddlers were killed accidentally with guns last year as criminals were killed by citizens defending themselves. . . this is a tough subject and I rying to see where I stand on it and welcome all real input, like yours

  2. I do see your point Brice, and I do agree about the toddlers and children being killed, John didn’t kill a child, he was an idiot that shot his gun off at a big mouth being an idiot. Your story isn’t about a child that found daddy’s (or mommy’s) gun and killed his friend in the sand box playing soldier, or the pizza kid that killed his friend over a stolen radio with the gun he got out of dads drawer. It isn’t about illegal use of legal gun ownership, it is about stupid use of a dangerous weapon caused by to much testosterone. I do see your point on everything you are saying, but I am asking you to see my point. It isn’t gun control that is the issue here, it is idiot control.

    1. I can see that. I am not blind. But how do we stop idiots from owning guns? Or, how do we know who is going to get a case of the stupids at some point? You know I do not hate guns or the lawful use of them.

      Should we test for IQ before someone can own a gun? Should there be a psych evaluation required? an MMPI? SHould we neuter males prior to their being able to buy a gun to lower the testosterone levels? And while I know these concepts are ridiculous, with the amount of killing going on mostly between people who know each other, the result being one person dead and the other in turmoil for life, whether the killing was “justified” or not, what we are doing is not working. I made seven suggestions and someone called me a hater of guns and liberty, and hopelessly ignorant. I am none of these. Ignorant of some things, yes, but willing to learn. So, how do we keep people who might turn into John from owning guns?

      Again, the point of this post was we do not know who the criminals are or will be, so sayings like “criminals will always have guns” means nothing because as soon as someone uses it illegally, they are part of the “other,” the criminal, the non=law abiding citizens.

      It is nice to say things like this and I generally agree with them, but saying these things and agreeing with them does not solve the problem. ANd who am I to worry on this? no one really. except maybe someone who can do something might see an answer. Or maybe when something surfaces, I can write a column that goes into a hundred newspapers and really does affect change?

      Grandiose, and yet

      1. You have as much reason to worry and wonder about who and what as I do about when it will be illegal for me to be able to take my gun to the range to shoot targets. Yes, I agree! I hear certain people say “I’m getting my chl” and I cringe! It amazes, shocks, concerns and maybe sickens me how easy it is to get that license. But, maybe at least that it some kind of accountability? I dunno.. It is legal (at least in Texas) to carry a weapon with no license! At least with the chl they are somewhat accountable? The (what seems to be recent)
        fascination with guns is crazy and
        reality shows like sons of guns
        hasn’t helped. Those of us that
        have owned and shot for years
        (26 now to be exact) are worried
        about our right to own and use
        lawfully, peacefully. Has nothing
        to do with amendments, its
        recreation, sure it may be putting
        food on the table, but it is responsible shooting for fun or sport or hunting. What you are
        suggesting (though admittedly don’t have all the answers) would
        take that away.

      2. yeah, but what bugs me is if any other hobby caused so many to die, what would we do? when i was a kid, we played with roman candles without supervision. and kids cannot play mumble-tee peg at school anymore/ / /dunno

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