This is my recipe and it is so simple, even I can recreate it every time.  It is not as hot with spice as you might think, given the ingredients.

When finished, you can make enchiladas or tortillas from them, or simply eat on a crisp tortilla with condiments.


1. Two pound pork shoulder (butt)

2. Two ounces of good chili powder (store bought or homemade)

3. Water

Process: cut the pork into small cubes (an inch or less); put into heavy (cast iron is my favorite) skillet, pour chili powder over it and cover with water. Bring to boil and then simmer for three or four hours until tender, adding water as necessary.  With the meat in the pot, reduce the liquid until it is a thick sauce

Separate the sauce and the meat and refrigerate both several hours or overnight.

For tortillas or tacos: When ready to eat, heat the cast iron skillet to very high.  Spoon in the amount of meat you want to eat then and sear it well. Salt to taste, and use whatever condiments you want. Use the sauce as a topping

For enchiladas: Shred or pulverize the meat and mix in a little of the sauce, roll in tortilla shells, drizzle the sauce on them and top with cheese.  Bake until all melty.

Tamales: Make tamales ( I am not going to get into that process here) and stuff with shredded meat.  Use sauce as a drizzle when done.

The uses are endless and the recipe is simple. The sauce is amazing as it is, but you can add achiote ( love this in it) to it, or garlic, or peppers of your choice or just about whatever you want.

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