How many children does it take?

What is wrong with us?

How many pre-school children have to die from in-home gun accidents for us to change something?

I know someone will find the current statistics, but, in 2000, 73 preschoolers were killed with guns in this country.

If the cause had been something else, like licking a certain paint off of a certain toy, the toy would not have top be banned because no one would ever again buy it (look what happened to Tylenol caplets long ago) and there would be Congressional hearings and the makers of the toy would probably go to jail or at least be ruined financially.

But when the cause of death is guns, something weird happens.  It was poor parenting, not that the parents had guns but they didn’t do the right thing with them—lock them up, separate the rounds from the firearm, whatever. Anything else so dangerous to innocent small children would be severely controlled.

I am reminded of the scientist doing tests on a frog.

She sets the frog on the table and scares it with a horn.  The frog jumps two feet. She cuts off one leg and the frog jumps 18 inches; cuts off another and the poor guy only makes it a foot; with one leg, he sort of flops 6 inches.  Finally, she cuts off the last leg and after multiple toots on the horn, she decides that cutting off all the legs of a frog makes it deaf.

Same with guns.  The bad done is always due to something else.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,

And as Ozzy Osborne said, if that is so, why do we give guns to cops and soldiers? Oh yeah, because killing is much much easier with a gun that without one.

Before you call me Anti-American and a gun hater, I have no problem with responsible ownership of guns, but that responsibility must be serious.  I made some suggestions about this in another post. (See it here.)

Ok, now call me a gun-hater, but then answer for me this: how many deaths of children under the age of six by handguns is sufficient to require a change?

More stats: in 2000, 3,291 kids under the age of 20 were killed by guns in this country.  214 by accident; 1, 078 suicide; 1,999 by homicide.

I guess it takes more than that

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