Jesus Weeps

Jesus Wept.

Yes, I know this verse is from the raising Lazarus story, and I will be taking it out of context in this piece, but we must always remember that Jesus Wept. He wept for the loss of a friend and for the sorrow his passing had caused his sisters.

In Luke we read He wept over Jerusalem, for the loss that was to come.

I stated watching a video the other night titled something like The most troubling teachings of the Bible, thinking it might deal with things like Jesus’ disregard for family on occasion, or Old Testament stories about performing virgin sacrifice to keep a promise to God or Lot offering his virgin daughters to an angry mob to be used in deviant sexual fashion, and more. But, no, it was a fundamentalist preacher talking about how the Bible says if you don’t believe his view (which he believes are the actual words spoken by God) then you are choosing to serve Satan and are to be damned. Jesus weeps. He weeps for the anger and division sown in His name, for the self-righteousness he tried—and failed—to cut out of religious devotion.

I sat next to a family from India on a long flight once. The mother was reading stories from the Bhagavad Gita to the young children.  I was talking to the father and asked about the stories.  He handed me a book with children’s stories from their holy text; for the next hour or so, I would read a story and discuss it with him. The stories could have been taught in any Sunday School in the country; they were universal and good.  And yet, many good Christians (like the preacher discussed in the previous paragraph) believe that these children are damned. Jesus weeps, not for these children—because a God who loves could not do such a thing to an innocent—,but for the narrow-minded self-centered, self-righteous Christians who, forgetting the warning against usurping God and becoming judge of mankind, would not allow the most Christian human to ever live, Ghandi, to commune with them.

Jesus weeps for the abuse done in his name, for the wars, for the lies and deceptions done.

Jesus said Love your neighbor as yourself. Then we see the signs saying that “God Hates Fags.” I wonder if Jesus ever says to those holding such signs,” Did your ears shake or did I stutter?”   Jesus weeps for those who can find hate in his words.

From Jesus weeps when He sees how millions of people who call themselves Christians fill their hearts and souls with greed, envy, lust, hatred, dishonesty, revenge, and evil.

When we hurt and hate and divide and exclude and demean in the name of Jesus, we bring no blessing on anyone and we are not in accord with the teachings of the God we pretend to know so well and to worship. And Jesus weeps for us, for our lack of understanding.

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