The true Easter message

What I was taught, what I know to be, and without controversy in the Christian community.

Jesus dies today.  He didn’t have to.  He chose to. By dying, He paid the price for all sin. If there had only ever been one sinner and that sinner was me, he still would have died. Each of us individually is responsible for putting Christ on the cross and crucifying Him, for nailing his hands to the cross. Each of us. Individually. Without our personal and individual sins and no one else’s, He would not have had to have died.

Less than 48 hours from now, he rises from the dead, showing that we can live after this life.

This is the heart and soul of Christianity.  Believing these things, putting your faith and trust in them, is what is required to be Christian.

Realize the joy Sunday morning, for it is then He is no longer dead. But remember the sorrow of today, that we, that I, that you required the sacrifice.

Remember the empty tomb; never forget the cross.

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