Burkburnett, Texas looked like heaven to me

When we moved there in 1970, before Istarted 9th grade, I thought I was in Heaven.  Maybe it was because I thought it was the end of the moving and I could settle in. 18 months later, we were in the car headed for Arkansas.  It took me years to put the place behind me, and that happened on a quick trip back.  I saw then it was not the paradise I had in my head.  Those of you from Burk, I still love the place for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was Sarah Brockreide, my 9th grade English teacher, who gave me my first real encouragement about writing.  ” When they crossed the river, I could smell the bacon,” she said, among other things.  Odd what we recall.  So, blame her for all this stuff.

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