The Million Hoodie March

I just told someone I didn’t know enough about the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin issue to have an opinion or to write anything about it.  He just said, “when has that ever stopped you.”

So he has a point. And while I do not know much about it, only what I just read online, what I saw last night on the television, and what others have said to me, I do know something is not right in the whole mess.

The “Stand Your Ground” law present in Florida and many other states allows a citizen who feels threatened to use deadly force to protect himself.  What I read online indicates that since Gov. Jeb Bush (figures) signed the law in 2005, the number of unprosecuted homicides in the state has tripled.

It’s just one of a series of bad laws that seem aimed at returning the country to the old west as envisioned by James Arness, where everyone wore a six-shooter and killings were usually resolved within minutes by the Matt on his way to visit Miss Kitty. It was an every-day, run-of-the-mill event.  Only it wasn’t.  The old west as envisioned on TV and in the movies was a fiction, created by scriptwriters designed to sell popcorn and toothpaste.

I am almost of the opinion that we need to just flat outlaw handguns in the country.  Yeah, I know, we need a well-regulated militia. First of all, times have changed and it is acts similar to that apparently performed by Zimmerman—where he ignored police instruction not to follow or pursue Martin—that prove the point. Had Zimmerman been well-regulated, he would have observed Martin only and assisted the proper authorities locate and, if appropriate, question Martin.  Zimmerman was not regulated in any sense of the word, never mind “well-regulated.”

In my state, an “Open Carry” law is making its way to the governor’s desk, where it will surely be signed into law, so we will be able to see people walking down the streets of Tulsa with six-shooters in gun belts just like in Dodge City, except it will not be six-shooters, it will be semi-automatic pistols and we had better hope the carrier is not a Zimmerman and we don’t step too closely in front of them.

I can understand some of the arguments of the NRA.  If we give up the right to own guns, then we cannot protect ourselves.  Fine.  But handguns are not good protection.  Shotguns, yes, but those aren’t as sexy. But, in the spirit of the Bill of Rights, maybe such a person should be required to be a member of a well regulated militia, the key word here being regulated—that is under government supervision.

What about hunting? I don’t know. Has to be a way to deal with this though.

“When handguns are outlawed, only outlaws will have handguns,” they say, meaning we will all be threatened more. Yes, only outlaws will have them, so enforce the prohibition, and make the penalty so draconian that they eventually do go away.

What do I think about Zimmerman? I think I do not k now enough to decide about him, but that does not mean I cannot have an opinion on the wider issue, which I have tried to state.

But, for Zimmerman, I think there needs to be an investigation.  So I signed the petition towards that end.  See it here.

Today is the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (go to this site) and there is a Million Hoodie March scheduled this evening in New York City.  If I were near there, I would buy a hoodie, jump on a train and join the march. See information on this event here.

NOTE: my son-in-law called me on it.  I do have a few hoodies, wheras in the previous version of this post I said I did not, trying to make some point I cannot even remember

3 thoughts on “The Million Hoodie March

  1. Ahhh, but you DO own a hoodie. I can see how much you value the time and effort Melissa and I put into your Christmas, birthday and Father’s Day gifts. From now on we’ll start buying “day of” and putting them inside an old Coors Light box as well. 🙂

  2. why do ppl alwys have to put the
    racisim card on tha tbl??its not
    even about that. obviously he isnt getting charged with anything
    & prb wont be..get over it theres nothing anyone can do and
    protesting & claiming its cuz hes
    was black, totally irrelavant..

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