What is wrong. . .I agreed with something Ann Coulter said. . .

Yeah, I know, I usually like blondes.  But this one. . .

I am worried.  I found myself agreeing with something she said and that really worries me.

I can usually read just about anything and get through it and often find at least one decent thing to say about the book, even if that one decent thing is that is was a good book to put down.

Her books though, are in that very weird class that  I cannot get through even one chapter without wanting to scratch my eyes out because it was through them that the poison she preaches got into my brain and I feel like I need to have my brain dry cleaned to remove any lingering stains.  True, the dry cleaning chemicals are toxic, but probably no worse than listening to this one.

Ok, enough already.

What she said that I agree with is that Mitt Romney was the best of all the remaining Republican candidates.

Until I heard her say this, I was seriously considering a vote for him because of how irritated I am with President Obama.

But, then she said that and I know that if she supports him, it is a signal for me to run the other way.  If she supports him, I must look at Romney much closer, there must be more wrong with him tan meets the eyes.

NExt thing you know, Senator Inhoffe will start sounding intelligent to me.

Maybe my friend was right, there may be something in the water in Oklahoma. . .

One thought on “What is wrong. . .I agreed with something Ann Coulter said. . .

  1. I predict that Romney will be the most vanilla American President since Calvin Coolidge, offensive to no one and perfectly boring in every way. I’m okay with this; perhaps boring is what this country needs to end some of the divisiveness that is plaguing its citizens.

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