Extending the Catholic Position of Birth Control

Maybe the government has no right telling the Catholic Church it does not have to provide birth control because of the religious objections of its leaders, surely this is a violation of the wall of separation between church and state that the religious right insists does not exist until they need it. Doesn’t matter that something like 99% of the Catholic laity in this country disagree with the church’s position and believe that birth control is a reasonable thing to practice.

So says the church, so says St. Santorum, so says the Republican Party.

Don’t get me started on the rhythm method.  Practitioners of the rhythm method are called parents.

The argument goes that no one should have to do anything thing that is offensive to their religious beliefs, should not be forced to choose between doing what is legal and doing what they know God to want them to do. That is one of the basic tenants of this country.

The Catholic Church tells us now they are going to get aggressive and work with protestant denominations to expand their position to the rest of Christianity. Will they withhold communion from business owners who do not remove birth control from their health policies? Why not? Santorum says we are in a spiritual war, and that makes pretty much anything fair, so watch for it.

But, what about others? Goose and Gander.  If Catholics can get away with eliminating birth control from health plans because of religious objection, what about Christian Scientists who oppose any medical treatment? Fair is fair, they should not have to provide any health insurance—it goes against their beliefs and they cannot be constrained to do so.

I hear the trample of feet as business owners across the nation rush to Christian Scientists and convert.

This is what is meant by a slippery slope.  Unintended consequences occur all the time.

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