Book People

Are you a book person? If you don’t know how to answer, it either means you are not (which means you haven’t picked one up in years unless the reading of which was assigned to you) or you are in denial.

A few symptoms:

Is the highlight of a trip to Denver an evening at The Tattered Cover? Have you made the detour to stop in Archer City to spend a day in the aisle of Larry McMurty’s shops? Do you know where The Strand is—what the closet subway stop to it is? Were you upset when the Gotham Book Mark Closed?

If this doesn’t answer the question, ask your family.  They know. When you last moved, did it take a separate truck to move your collection? Do you have a stack of unread books? Several stacks? Is one entire bookshelf assigned to these?

Do you like to open old books, put your nose in the middle and breathe in the scent? Can you smell it now?

Does your bookshelf look like this:

Or this:

Which bookshelf represents decor and which is owned by a book person?

Any idea which is one of mine?

Do you know the physical location of  every new and used bookstore within a 10-mile radius of your house> Do you know the shortest route between each and every one of them?

Do you need a 12-step program?

Are you happy when the plane is delayed because you are not ready to leave the bookstore in the airport?

Have you ever used the phrase “out of book?” Do you know what that means?

There is no known cure. But it’s not all bad.  Most of the time, your nose in a book beats eyes glued to the tube.

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