Frankenstein’s Republican Creature

In the novel by Mary Shelly, the monster destroys all of his creator’s loved ones, but he finds the good doctor, his creator dead when finally he gets to him.

“You are my creator,” says the creature to creator,” but I am your master. Obey!”

The creature in Shelly’s novel did have a sense of melancholy and in some ways the reader could have sympathy on him.  Not so, the Republican party with its Prometheus, the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens’ United which gave free speech rights to corporations, defined money (or at least the spending of money) as free speech.

I read the book Daisy Petals and Mushroom Clouds, about the Johnson-Goldwater Presidential campaign and how the sleazy and extremely effective advertisements of that campaign changed forever the nature of politics in this country, where truth is basically irrelevant ( look up the term Swiftboating).  Once out of the bottle, the genie cannot be stuffed back in, and while  John Kerry was the victim of yellow advertising and politics, the natural and inevitable end of this was the creation of the Citizen’s United decision, supported by almost every Republican,the  Super PAC

But it seems the creature is eating its creator – the very politicians who wanted its presence in the first place. The irony is palpable.

Dan Rather, host of Dan Rather Reports on HDNet, said Monday that Republicans and conservatives were beginning to re-think their support for the Supreme Court’s controversial ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

“When the decision first came through, I think it was practically unanimous thinking among Republicans and self-described conservatives, ‘This is a dream come true,’” he said on MSNBC’sThe Rachel Maddow Show.

“But it turns out the dream has some nightmarish hues and here’s why: the candidates don’t necessarily control their own campaign any more nor does the state Republican Party nor does the national Republican Party. Any big money super millionaire who chooses to do so can pour money in any statewide or national campaign.”

We see it in the faces of Gingrich and Romney, of Santorum.  The beast they created is destroying the credibility of every candidate so well that all the democrats will have to do is pay to keep these commercials on the air.

Whichever one survives will be severely wounded due to the Super PAC attacks. Much like President George W. Bush was the beneficiary of Swiftboating, President Obama will benefit from the Super PAC advertisements. Whether it will be enough to give him the WHite House for four more years is yet to be seen.

What I hope comes of all this is a distaste for Super PACs rivaling the New Coke of the 1980’s.  I pray the metallic taste lingers long enough to pass an amendment killing the Citizen’s United decision.

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