We have more to fear from Radical Christianity than Islam

Sharia Law.

We must fight it and make sure it doesn’t take over this country’s legal system says Brigitte Gabriel, the self-proclaimed leading expert on global Islamic Terrorism.  Ms. Gabriel spins her view of Muslims through her organization, Act for America. (While I really do not want to add to her fan base, a reading of her views may be helpful.  See them here.)

I had to walk away from a good friend who is now a leader of a chapter of this organization because, to her, unless I agreed with her, I was a part of the problem and was anti-American. To agree with her meant I had to believe that ALL Muslims are sworn to kill all non-Muslims (“don’t allow the infidel to live”), and if they are not actively trying to inject Sharia Law into our country or otherwise destroy the Judeao-Christian ethic in this country, it is because they are just waiting their opportunity and further, any Muslim that denies this is either a liar or not a true Muslim.

That last bit is an almost perfect example of lunatic reasoning.  Deny Ms. Gabriel’s beliefs and they are either not true Muslims or liars.  Admit it and they are clearly un-American. Sarah Good, are you a witch asked the good people of Salem Massachusetts.

 I really don’t fear Islam taking over the country any time soon (unless there is a real war and we lose, which is doubtful since our spending on military things exceeds the rest of the world combined) for the following reasons:

There are not enough Muslims to change the law on their own. This country is still a democracy and the first way to change the laws of a democracy requires the vote of the people and to prevail, one has to have a majority of the vote.  To date, the population of Muslims in this country is just slightly less than 1% of the country. So much for changing the constitution. New York State has the largest concentration of Muslims, with 4.7% of its citizens subscribing to Islam. Not likely to change any state laws.  The city with the highest concentration of Muslims is Dearborn, Michigan, with about 30% of its population being Islamic. But for some reason, the mayor of that town does not see a Muslim threat (Ms, Gabriel will say he is blind).  See his views here.  Also see Politico Fact Checks analysis of this situation in Dearborn (which has been accused of enacting Sharia Law) here. No major city has a Muslim population greater than 2.1 %.  So much for city ordinances.  In fact, every time an anti-Sharia law issue has come up, it has been roundly supported at the ballot box. (See Muslim demographic information on states and cities. Also, this map of county-by-county religious majorities is interesting.)

The Constitution would have to be amended even if the votes were there because of that troubling phrase about not making a law respecting an establishment of religion.  Yeah, but Obama is a Muslim and will flood the courts with supporters of Sharia Law.  Three years and counting and this does not seem to be the case.

(But, you know, if Muslims do in fact become a majority in the country, then the democratic process will provide the means to reshape the country as they see fit.  Just don’t see that happening anytime real soon.)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Does this mean that no little municipality anywhere will never enact Sharia Law? No.  Anything in this country is possible.  But, for the truly whacked-out local rules in this country, one has to look no further than Christianity: David Koresh and Tony Alamo or the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka jump immediately to mind.  But they are not true Christians, the ecumenical Christians say. Well, Phelps and Westboro believe they are the only true Christians.  This issue of primal correctness is difficult enough to sort out within one religion, much less across religious lines. The classic question is what if you were born a Buddhist?

So when something whacko gets started up good and proper, like the whackos in Waco, the general public becomes aware of the problem and something is done.  In the case of a municipality establishing Sharia Law (or the Mosaic Law for that matter) as the law of their little piece of land, the courts system would invalidate it so fast their heads would spin.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

What Ms Gabriel is doing is spreading good old-fashioned Xenophobia of the type this country has never really totally cleansed itself.

The list is long.  At one time or another, immigrants from Africa, China, Italy, Japan, and Ireland and Germany were thought to be destroying the country.  (And let us not forget the Cherokee and Apache and so on.) In the ’80’s it was the Cuban refugees. Now it is those from Mexico that cause us the greatest concern.

Among religious groups, Catholics and Mormons were dangerous and to be feared; now it is adherents of Christian Liberation Theology and Muslims or Evolutionists who hate this country and want to see it and all good God-fearing people disenfranchised.

And gays and lesbians, and transgendered and bisexual persons, let us not forget them and the threat to our country they represent.

(Maybe that poem should read: Give me your tired, your poor,  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free …” just so long as they look and act and talk and believe like me. . .)

It is the kind of fear used by the KKK and Adolf Hitler to instill passion and action and devotion in their followers. Fear as a motivator is much better than hate.  Hate eats the soul of those who hate – it is just too dang hard to maintain.  Fear though, is easy to maintain.  All it takes is a gifted orator with a large enough audience.  And this country has no shortages of mouthpieces going about the job of frightening people about Muslims. Besides Ms. Gabriel, there is Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and, well, all of Fox News really.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

The real attack on our nation of laws is not from Muslims.  It is from the radical Christian right.  They have the platform to really do some damage to our way of life.

While there are numerous examples, the most pernicious is the so-called personhood laws, which declare every single fertilized human egg to be a human with the full rights of a citizen.  Women are, as I write, being prosecuted under these laws for miscarriages. The laws will, if left alone eventually make in vitro fertilization illegal (because not all fertilized eggs are implanted and the vast majority are eventually destroyed, which can be defined as Murder under these laws.) If a woman falls down a flight of stairs, she is prosecuted if the fetus dies. In America.  Not Iraq or Iran.  (See stories about these kinds of prosecution here.)

The defense of marriage crowd is very similar.

 *  *  *  *  *  *  *

The simple and honest truth is that we have more to fear from radical Christianity’s attempts to influence our laws than from Islam.  But that doesn’t sell books for Ann Coulter or get memberships for Ms. Gabriel or attract viewers/listeners and the related advertising dollars for Fox News.

My former friend would call me misguided and possible a danger to this country.  Nothing I can do about that, but I can live with that assessment from her.

2 thoughts on “We have more to fear from Radical Christianity than Islam

  1. Because of the nature of this post – I will leave a comment. I will not respond to assertions that the Koran requires Muslims to kill infidels or hate America or anything like this any further than this: the Bible is full of laws that so-called “enlightened Christians” do not follow, including the stoning to death of children who dishonor their parents. Since the Bible has this law, are those who do not follow it true Christians or liars?

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