No problem is so large it cannot be cured by government doing less, right?

How does the republic continue?

I was talking about Rick Perry the other day and how he cannot back away from the positions he stated in his book published earlier this year. The guy to whom I was talking said essentially that it doesn’t matter what republicans say so long as they say they want to defeat Barack Obama.  That apparently is enough.

It must be.  Because if we really listen to them, what they say can be frightening. It has gotten to the point that – according to Republicans – there is no problem so large that it cannot be cured by government doing less and by reducing taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

Problem: Goldman Sachs and other Investment Bankers’ crimes against the nation. Improper response: Tighten regulations and prosecute wrongdoers. Republican Solution: Reduce banking regulations so the market can take care of things. (Can we say “debit card fees?”)

Problem: The auto industry in is disarray. Improper response: Bail them out, saving jobs and making the way for their recovery. Republican Solution: (Romney) Let the market work and let them all fail. (Effect on jobs and the economy be damned.)

Problem: Medical Costs are about to eat us alive and are the single largest cause of bankruptcies in the country. Improper response: Place restrictions on insurance companies and try to make sure every person contributes to paying for the cost of medical care. Republican Solution: No freeloaders.  Let the market work and if one cannot afford care, then, well, there is private charity.

Problem: Budget deficit. Improper response: Propose cuts in government services in a way that won’t cause a dramatic increase in unemployment coupled with modest tax increases on the wealthiest people.  Republican Solution: Cut corporate taxes, allow repatriation of corporate profits without tax affect, lower taxes on the rich and eliminate the payroll tax break for the rest.

Problem: Jobs are going overseas.  Improper response: Increase tariffs or tax the profits whether or not they are repatriated.  Republican Solution: Eliminate child labor laws (Gingrich) and the minimum wage (Bachmann), which bring the cost of labor down significantly in this country and provide more Americans with jobs because the Americans will then be as cheap to employ as those in Taiwan.

Problem: Pollution of our air, water and land. Improper response: Penalize the polluters.  Republican Solution: Let the market work; the corporations will ensure nothing damages the environment because damaging the environment hurts corporate profits.

Problem: Global warming. Improper response: Work to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, even while acknowledging it may not completely solve the problem, at least it is a start.  Republican Solution: What Global Warming?

Oh gees, that is enough. I am not saying the Dem’s are a whole lot better, because they are not.  They are increasingly joining the Republicans as corporate shills. Expect this to get worse unless we find some way to get rid of the Citizen’s United” Supreme Court decision which will allow anonymous corporate funds to flow into the pockets of politicians with no oversight. I have written that this decision made corporations equal with people.  I understated the case.  It gives them the power legally they have always tried to work in the shadows in this country.

The best government is that which governs the least,  Yeah, yeah, maybe this worked when we were an agrarian society scattered around the country.  It seems to me that the proper role of government in relation to business is to keep business from doing things that resulted in Love Canal, from treating people as if they are nothing more than the oil burned to heat the steel, from literally running our country.

But what do I know? I am a part of the rabble. It’s the 1% and the corporations and their politicians who know best.

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