These are a few of my favorite things


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There is a lot of stuff on this blog.  As an intro to my writing ( and probably me), I like these samples.

The prayer I say most often is found here

I am curious who people think is the worst president of all time, so I will keep this poll open for awhile.  Please go vote here

Of the short stories, I have written, these are my favorites:

Moonlight and bicycles

Angel Tracks and Origami Birds

The best memoir piece I think is this one: Why is the Red Fish Being Bad?

The piece of opinion writing I like best (politics) is Why I belong to the ACLU

My current favorite piece of religious opinion writing is Incense is an Abomination to me

And, of course, I want you to buy my book, 637 Miles from Wall Drug.  Go get it here at Amazon, or check out excepts here

I hope you enjoy and I hope I make you think sometimes.  Thank you for visiting and let me hear from you please.

See the typical ABOUT ME here

And just so I do not lose the random name generator: here it is

9 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

    1. yeah. It is what I was trying to do with my eyes, but even with all the red, I could not post me. Except for Bill & Ted, the best Reeves pic. . . I loved that movie. . .thanks for coming by

  1. Can I copy your prayer? It is the most concise prayer I have ever read.
    I think I will, however, change “Dear Lord” to “Dear Lord and Lady”.
    I am really enjoying “talking” to a Goddess, or the feminine side of God, however one wants to believe.

  2. Hi mate from Down Under maybe you can help me with my Web site (another one you have not seen yet for my poems and writing and songs and stuff non religious) and getting around Word Press but I know you are busy. Glasd to be here will keep an eye iout for your book tell me if it is in here anyway.
    Sankey (Geoff Moore Australia)

    1. took forever to get logged in here.

      I doubt you will see the new book posted here. I will link to it when I get it into print–hopefully through a publisher

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