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There is a lot of stuff on this blog.  As an intro to my writing ( and probably me), I like these samples.

The prayer I say most often is found here

I am curious who people think is the worst president of all time, so I will keep this poll open for awhile.  Please go vote here

Of the short stories, I have written, these are my favorites:

Moonlight and bicycles

Angel Tracks and Origami Birds

The best memoir piece I think is this one: Why is the Red Fish Being Bad?

The piece of opinion writing I like best (politics) is Why I belong to the ACLU

My current favorite piece of religious opinion writing is Incense is an Abomination to me

And, of course, I want you to buy my book, 637 Miles from Wall Drug.  Go get it here at Amazon, or check out excepts here

I hope you enjoy and I hope I make you think sometimes.  Thank you for visiting and let me hear from you please.

See the typical ABOUT ME here

And judt so I do not lose the random name generator: here it is

The picture above is a still from Bram Stoker’s Dracula; this is me (no cannot do it, not even just eyes)

well, maybe – trying to emulate the Dracul. . nope. maybe someday